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Shenzhen hundred domain core technology Co., LTD
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BYCHIP brand was born in China, established in March 21, 2021, belongs to the brand of Shenzhen Baiyuxin Technology Co., LTD., the main business is low-voltage MOS tube, field effect tube, integrated circuit.

BY CHIP is an independent research and development, design and production of independent brand, headquartered in Taiwan, China, Shenzhen, overseas offices. Assembly and testing facilities are available. The main products include a full range of MOS FEts.

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Company: Shenzhen Bychip Electronics Co.,Limited

Industry: Research and development, production and sales of electronic components

Main business: MOSFET research and development and sales

Brand slogan: High quality, high efficiency, low price and low loss

Location: Southeast Hsinchu Scientific Industrial Park, Hsinchu City, Taiwan Province, China

Brand introduction

BY CHIP brand is independently founded by the electronic people with ten years of electronic component research and development experience team, field effect MOS tube independent research and development, sealing test, sales of chip one-stop service. Professional research and development of SOT89, SOP8, TO252, DFN, TO263, TO220, SOT23, SOT223, TO247, TO251 and other packages of low-voltage field effect MOS tube, Mainly used in small household appliances, wireless fast, drones, power boards, power tools, computer motherboards, LED, car audio, mobile power,

Full color screen, inverter, inverter, induction cooker, balance car, electric vehicle, smart bracelet, etc., to provide customers with parameter selection, technical support, custom materials.

Main business

BYCHIP is mainly engaged in R&D and sales of electronic products, computer hardware and auxiliary equipment, electronic components, chips, auto parts, automotive digital series equipment, printed circuit board, navigation positioning instrument, communication products, mechanical and electrical products; Engaged in the acquisition, storage, sorting, packaging and sales of renewable resources; Domestic trade (excluding franchising; To sell exclusively; Goods under special control); Operating electronic commerce; Goods and technology import and export business.

Brand culture

The core theme and LOGO interpretation is Build your Chip, which aims to customize a full range of field-effect MOS tube chips and other types of components sales and services for terminal and trade customers at home and abroad, with the high standard requirements of efficiency, performance and output as the brand vision, and low price, low loss and low complaints as self-requirements.



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